Keeping ships up to date maximizes your return.

Efficient Improvements, Underway or in Dry Dock

Marine Modernization, Conversion & Retrofits

Ships are the largest mobile objects on earth and represent enormous investments for their owners. Keeping them up to date maximizes return and extends their useful life.

Because we handle every type of onboard system and installation, from HVAC, insulation, electrical installations and SOx scrubbers to accommodations, public spaces and furniture, Trident is the modernization partner of choice for shipbuilders and owners around the world.

A one-stop shop for efficient marine modernization, conversion, reclassification and retrofits, Trident helps military, cruise, energy and commercial customers get better performance, improved climate and energy control, and modern aesthetics they seek on their ships.

Our flexible, talented teams work while underway or in dry dock, depending on customer needs — and it all happens with just one point of contact at Trident.

Trident has worked on a multitude of military modernization projects.

General Modernization & Conversion

Outdated systems and spaces are an ongoing issue in all markets. For many vessels, modernization is a need both operationally and aesthetically. We understand the time constraints our customers face and use our experience and expertise in engineering, manufacturing and installation to make modernizations quick and cost-effective.

Trident is proud to have worked on many military modernization projects, and we look forward to participating in the U.S. Navy’s new modernization plan moving forward.

With decades of know-how, we have helped customers save energy, fuel and CO2.

HVAC and Energy Savings Projects

Trident is an expert in marine energy optimization, allowing customers to achieve significant energy savings by keeping HVAC and engine rooms up to date. With decades of know-how in designing efficient systems, smart automation and benchmarking, we have helped customers save millions of kilowatts, tons of fuel and CO2 every year.

Trident is the modernization partner of choice for shipbuilders and owners around the world.

Insulation Retrofit Projects

For shipbuilders and owners seeking more efficient insulation solutions, Trident is a market leader in cryogenic, spray foam and panel insulation systems. Our experience and close cooperation with our HVAC team delivers significant results on insulation retrofit projects.