All of our products are manufactured with safety and ease of installation in mind.

Quality, Innovation and Reliability

Marine Manufacturing, Machining and Custom Fabrication:

To meet the needs of our varied markets, Trident manufactures a variety of products for military, cruise, energy and commercial shipbuilders and owners. We work in metal, wood and mixed materials. All of our manufactured products are always designed with safety and ease of installation in mind, which saves time and money for our customers.

With direct control of factory output, strategically located warehouse space, strong vendor relationships and a large network of freight forwarders and transportation companies, Trident meets deadlines and handles logistics with ease.

Our marine furniture line includes more than 3,000 items.

Turnbull Military Furniture Manufacturing

Trident is the only supplier qualified to provide the entire military furniture package for U.S. Navy ships. In fact, we are the largest supplier of military shipboard furniture for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard and Military Sealift Command, and currently have 2,500 active products on 11 military programs.

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back of ship
Trident’s custom fabrication teams work in wood, metal and mixed materials.

Cruise and Commercial Ship Custom FEATURES

When cruise lines and other commercial companies want durable, beautiful products that meet specific weight and fire code requirements, they call on Trident. Our state-of-the-art custom fabrication team designs and builds every type and style of wood, metal and mixed-material product to enhance the interior of a ship.

From elegant architectural features and elaborate handrails to lightweight cabinets and furniture, we create the precise combination of aesthetics, durability, weight, load and fire code compliance each project demands.

Our custom fabrication shop is known for its finishes — custom stains, finish matches and industrial coatings — to enhance the look and durability of each product. Plus, we pre-cut, pre-fabricate and pre-assemble as much as possible to facilitate and accelerate installation.

Marine Joiner Product Manufacturing

Our custom manufacturing, interior outfitting and machining capabilities produce a variety of marine joiner products including doors, hatches, bulkheads, ceilings, deck coverings and modular compartments.

Our industrial and maritime insulation business began in 1945.

Insulation Manufacturing

Our Ti Marine LNG and LPG insulation panels and pipe insulation elements are manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in Shanghai, strategically located to service our major newbuild insulation markets. The plant has been certified for production of LNG panels by the DNV GL, Lloyd’s Register and Nippon Kalji Kyokai (NK) classification societies.

The insulation manufacturing process includes cutting, milling, sizing and lamination, resulting in 200,000 panels per year, each with its own unique barcode identifier. Shipping is carefully planned to ensure that panels are delivered to the worksite in the correct sequence, which minimizes project-site storage and promotes a seamless panel installation process.

Trident is known for its stainless steel fabrication capabilities.

Stainless Steel Galley and Food Service Equipment Manufacturing

Trident’s stainless steel fabrication capabilities include galley and food service equipment for military, cruise, energy and commercial ships all over the world.

Spare and Replacement Part Manufacturing

Trident can reverse engineer and manufacture obsolete parts. Our engineering and precision machining capabilities ensure that we have exactly what we need to get the job done right.

Trident’s stainless steel fabrication capabilities include galley and food service equipment for military, cruise, energy and commercial ships all over the world.