Our approach saves you time and money.

Turnkey Marine Installation Services

Installers of Choice, Anywhere in the World

For shipbuilders and shipyards seeking marine installation services, Trident is the installer of choice for cruise, military, energy and commercial vessels. Our installation approach saves our customers time and expense on every project.

Trident is the only company with experience on nearly every vessel and platform.

Flexible & Fast

Our experienced and skilled crews travel all over the world — to shipyards, naval bases, rigs and vessels underway — when and where you need us. We deliver strong technical ability across all platforms and hulls, providing every skill required, from welding and pipefitting to carpentry and fine craftsmanship.

Trident is a proven partner to solve your maritime challenges.

Strong Deckplate Management

At Trident, we provide one point of contact for every job, whether it involves just one system or solution, or an array of different onboard projects happening simultaneously. Our experienced supervisors and project managers ensure strong deckplate management, which makes our work go smoothly and quickly.

We do what it takes to get the job done right the first time.

Lower Installed Costs

Because Trident also designs, engineers and manufactures solutions, equipment and furniture, we understand various installation challenges and techniques. We take costs off the deckplate upstream, doing all of our upfront work with installation in mind.

Let us manage your entire scope of work.

Turnkey Capabilities

When it comes to installation services, Trident does it all, from bow to stern, from design through installation. Give us your entire package and we’ll take care of it, providing the specific installation services you need for every onboard job, while managing the entire scope of work with one point of contact.