Trident is experienced in highly complex shipboard projects.

Marine Design & Engineering

Efficiency and Value, BuiltIn from the Start

At Trident, design and engineering drives our work. As industry leaders, we are experienced in addressing the challenges associated with highly complex shipboard projects. With experience on a vast range of vessels and platforms in the cruise, military, energy and commercial markets, our design and engineering team provides unmatched expertise that enhances every job and every installation.

Our team works closely with you to design and engineer custom solutions.

The key to our design and engineering effectiveness is early involvement and collaboration. By getting involved in the earliest stages of discussion and planning, our design and engineering team consults with customers to shape requirements and scope. We then work closely with you to design and engineer custom solutions with the right combination of durability, aesthetics, convenience and cost.

We design and engineer to save you money at every step.

Innovation at the Core

Because we are also involved in purchasing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining shipboard solutions, Trident understands how to build value into every project. We design and engineer our solutions to save time and money at every step, from material selection to ease of maintenance. This approach results in highly innovative solutions for customers in every market sector.

In addition, working with Trident’s designers and engineers allows customers to allocate their internal design and engineering resources more effectively.

Working with us, you can use your internal resources more effectively.