Marine Material Handling Systems — Underway Replenishment

US Navy TAKE and TAO UNREP Cargo Handling Programs

Among Trident’s electro-mechanical systems expertise is a specialty in integrating marine cargo handling systems — underway replenishment (UNREP) systems — designed to move cargo on and off military ships while underway. Trident is the leading provider of UNREP systems in the world.

The U.S. Navy counts on Trident for our broad knowledge of UNREP systems integration to successfully design, engineer and integrate these electro-mechanical material handling solutions quickly and efficiently.

Trident has provided UNREP cargo handling systems for the U.S. Navy’s entire fleet of 14 Lewis and Clark Class T-AKE ships at NASSCO’s San Diego shipyard. These dry cargo ships are designed to operate independently at sea for extended periods and transfer supplies —ammunition, food, fuel, repair parts and supplies — to station ships or other naval warfare forces at sea or in port.

Trident is now providing UNREP systems for the U.S. Navy’s new John Lewis (TAO-205) class of fleet replenishment oilers, designed to provide replenishment of fuel to U.S. Navy ships at sea and jet fuel for aircraft assigned to aircraft carriers. This work is also being done at NASSCO’s San Diego shipyard, and the first of the fleet is scheduled to be delivered in 2020.