Marine Refrigeration Solutions and Training

Refrigeration Systems, Galley Equipment and Casework

Owners and operators of oceangoing vessels understand the importance of onboard refrigeration systems — you need an engineered solution that is reliable, maintainable and serviceable in any port, anywhere.

Trident’s marine refrigeration solutions are designed in house and are engineered to meet the diverse needs and harsh operating conditions of the global military, cruise, commercial and energy markets, both newbuild and aftermarket. We follow EPA and EU regulations and are a STEK and F-gas certified entity.

We also provide refrigeration leak assessments, training and competency assessments via EPA, STEK and F-gas approved and certified technicians.

Our marine refrigeration solutions include:

  • Full refrigeration system design:
    • reach-in refrigerators and freezers
    • undercounter units
    • walk-in coolers and freezers
    • stainless steel galley equipment
    • walk-in cooler and freezer doors
    • modular refrigeration units (MRUs)
  • Equipment manufacturing, procurement and installation
  • Custom-manufactured galley equipment and casework
  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Refrigerant change-out and conversion
  • Refrigerant reclamation, recycling and waste control
  • Overhaul of screw/piston compressors
  • Refrigeration Performance Program — inspection and certification of refrigeration systems
  • Refrigeration service kits
  • Spare parts
  • Refrigeration training courses + competency assurance

Modular Refrigeration Units (MRUs)

Trident leads the industry in the design, engineering, assembly and installation of modular refrigeration units (MRUs) — the most current, efficient and cost-effective refrigerated spaces available for ships today. Designed, engineered and built independent of the ship’s structure, our MRUs are delivered as free-standing, drop-in- place compartments or modular components for assembly. This type of construction reduces cost and weight by 15% to 20%, and reduces shipyard installation labor by 90%.

These benefits result in a highly efficient, accelerated ship schedule — reducing installation time from months to weeks — and 70% less shipyard involvement compared to traditional refrigeration unit construction.

Trident has designed, engineered, built and installed MRUs on ships of all sizes.

Refrigeration Regulatory Compliance Advice

In addition to designing and installing refrigeration systems, Trident also provides customers with expert regulatory advice on management and maintenance of refrigeration units. Our certified engineers and technicians ensure that your assets are in compliance with global refrigerant regulations and US and EU legislation regarding ozone depleting substances (ODS), fluorinated greenhouse gases (f-gases) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

Refrigeration Service Kits

Our convenient refrigeration service kits handle refrigeration maintenance needs at sea. In the event of a leak or other repair needs, you can recover the refrigerant, vacuum the system, fix the issue and recharge at sea — all without waiting for repair assistance or parts from shore. When bigger repairs are needed, the kit provides what you need to stabilize the damaged part until fully qualified and accredited assistance arrives.

Each refrigeration kit includes:

  • Refrigerant recovery unit
  • Filter dryers for recovery unit
  • Vacuum pump
  • Electronic vacuum meter
  • Scale
  • Refrigerant gauge set
  • Adaptor for R410A refrigerant connections
  • Ratchet wrench
  • Service magnet for solenoid valves
  • 26-liter recovery cylinder
  • Cylinder adaptor

Leak Testing and Assessment

Our fully certified technicians carry out onsite leak testing and assessment of all your refrigeration plant and equipment.

We can also develop, deploy and manage a planned leak testing program to suit your operational requirements and to help you fully comply with all legislation. This enables us to be proactive and contact you in advance of any pending test requirements — and schedule these at your convenience.

Refrigeration Training Courses & Competency Assurance

Trident offers a number of refrigeration-related courses at our training facility in Rotterdam, in the Philippines, and globally, upon request. These courses include training in basic refrigeration and EPA requirements, as well as EU f-gas regulation training and certification examinations.

In addition, in Aberdeen, Scotland, Trident offers competency assurance solutions. Ship owners and operators use our certified assessors to assess the capabilities of individual refrigeration technicians, ensuring that standards of competence are met and maintained.

For more information about Trident’s marine refrigeration solutions, please contact us at