Integrated Power Systems

Power Generation & Distribution, Controls, Propulsion

How can we help you? That’s how we approach our integrated power systems work at Trident — with a solution-driven attitude and our customers’ needs in mind. For ship owners, shipyards and natural gas drilling companies seeking integrated power systems, Trident is the go-to resource worldwide.

In fact, our solutions are so effective, many of our customers won’t work with any other company for integrated power systems: Trident is their power systems integrator of choice.

Known for our superior work and level of service, we design, engineer, build, install and maintain integrated power systems for ships in the military, cruise, commercial and energy markets. We also provide similar services for land-based natural gas drilling companies. Our scope of service includes everything from engineering, documentation and software programming to custom console/cabinet design and assembly.

What sets us apart? Collaboration and experience. Our staff of engineers and technicians work closely with our customers to ensure the very best solution for your specific demands. We work in whatever capacity is best for you, with turnkey, EPC or EPIC options.

Power Generation & Distribution

Trident is a leading manufacturer of power generation and distribution systems, all engineered for the harsh environmental demands of the maritime and offshore energy markets. We are also a leading designer and manufacturer of intelligent switchboards. Our marine power generation and distribution equipment includes:

  • Distribution panels
  • Motor control centers
  • Load centers
  • Low-voltage switchboards and distribution
  • Medium-voltage switchboards and distribution
  • 1000-volt DC switchboards and distribution
  • Low-voltage shore connection
  • High-voltage shore connection
  • Charging stations
  • Energy storage systems
  • Power management systems
  • Containerization of power systems
  • Electrical propulsion lines
  • Hybrid propulsion lines

Automation, Control, Alarm and Monitoring Systems

Trident provides a wide range of automation and controls solutions, from full-shipcontrol systems to standalone applications.

Our marine automation, control, alarm and monitoring systems include:

  • Motor control centers
  • Fracking controls and monitoring
  • Navigation systems
  • External communication systems (GMDSS, radio, UHF, sat, cell)
  • Interior communication systems (PABX, PG/GA)
  • Entertainment systems
  • Shipboard IT systems (LAN, wifi)
  • Energy storage systems
  • Electrical propulsion lines
  • Hybrid propulsion lines
  • Cargo control systems
  • Unmanned engine room alarm and monitoring systems
  • Ballast control systems
  • Fully electric jacking systems for liftboats


Trident provides diesel, electric, hybrid and battery-powered solutions for all types of vessels. Our focus is finding the optimal solution — the right configuration of electric or diesel generators, batteries, battery chargers and shore connections — for each operator and each type of ship.

Our marine propulsion systems include:

  • Power management systems
  • Electric steering systems
  • Podded propulsion systems
  • Electrical propulsion lines
  • Hybrid propulsion lines
  • Propulsion control systems
  • PTO/PTI systems
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Propulsion motors
  • Bow thruster motors

Trident IMAC System — for Smaller Vessels

For smaller vessels with dimension and weight constraints, we offer a proprietary integrated automation system — the Trident IMAC — which can work as either a separate monitoring and control system or part of a complete solution with switchboard, starters and propulsion systems. Vessels that benefit from this solution include ferries, patrol boats, rescue vessels and coast guard vessels.