Maritime HVAC Systems

Advanced Marine HVAC Technology, Optimization & Energy Recovery

With a focus on efficiency, comfort and safety, Trident Maritime Systems designs and delivers advanced HVAC technology for the cruise, energy, navy, passenger and commercial markets.

Trident’s HVAC teams work while vessels are operating or in dry dock, and offer complete turnkey solutions, system design, material supply, installation, supervision and commissioning.

Throughout the complete lifecycle of the vessel, rig or platform, our complex HVAC solutions are backed by a global network of after-sales service and support. We offer HVAC design and engineering, equipment supply, installation, commissioning, spare parts, upgrades and repairs.

Engineered Design Reduces Operational Costs

By investing in engineering at the design stage, Trident delivers efficient, reliable and easy-to-maintain marine HVAC systems. As part of our engineering program, we also provide HVAC engineering expertise in feasibility studies, heat and air volume calculations, fire and gas systems, HVAC automation, and pressurization, sound and vibration.

In terms of equipment and components, we are brand-neutral, selecting the equipment that is right for the application and environment where the HVAC system will be used. We choose the best combination of air handling units, refrigeration machinery, HVAC automation and controls, fans, intake systems, and self-contained units and provision plants.

HVAC Maintenance & Repair

In demanding maritime and offshore conditions, a functioning HVAC system is critical to passenger and crew comfort, safety and economical operation of vessels and rigs. Structured maintenance programs with our global service network can reduce operating costs and minimize expensive downtime. In addition to planned HVAC maintenance services, we can advise and assist in the development of a tailored HVAC maintenance strategy, including maintenance strategy studies, procedural implementation, lifecycle cost management and spares management. With Trident’s survey tools, we give a full overview of system status and enable benchmarking over time.

Trident has access to a wide portfolio of HVAC and refrigeration equipment manufacturers and has forged strategic partnerships with key original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Supply chain specialists in our spare parts center will source spare parts or refurbishment services for obsolete equipment.

EMT = Decreased Energy Consumption

HVAC is a major energy consumer on most cruise, passenger and commercial vessels. Trident’s Energy Management Technology (EMT) reduces HVAC energy consumption while improving crew and passenger comfort.

Our technology combines smart energy modifications of mechanical, electrical and automation equipment with innovative new products and high-efficiency components, optimizing HVAC operations. It saves significant energy by automatically adjusting ventilation, combustion air supply and sea water cooling to engine room machinery.

With a typical payback time of less than two years, our EMT saves customers 400 million kwh, 80,000 tonnes of fuel, and 256,00 tonnes of CO 2 per year. Indeed, our solution is so impressive that it won a several marine awards for sustainable technology.

Our energy and climate performance computer simulation enables us to offer a kwh-savings guarantee, and benchmarking software makes it easy for the crew to monitor and maintain optimized HVAC energy use. We also offer HVAC and energy efficiency training programs for officers and ship managers.

New Generation Energy Wheels

On average, the HVAC plant is responsible for one-third of a cruise ship’s total energy consumption. Our turnkey energy recovery wheel solutions not only reclaim predicted energy consumption, but lower it.

Our solution incorporates a new generation of energy recovery wheels with a high-efficiency coating, we can retrieve up to 80% of total energy. The result is a highly energy efficient HVAC plant, reduced fuel costs and improved indoor climate for passengers.