Marine Fire Suppression Solutions

Water Mist, Aerosol and Foam

Fires at sea can be disastrous. Trident Maritime Systems is proud to bring leading-edge marine fire suppression technology to the military, cruise, energy and commercial markets. Our competitively priced, state-of-the-art fire suppression solutions comply with military, commercial and classification society regulations worldwide.

Customers around the world benefit from Trident’s years of experience in fire suppression system design, and installation, our broad service capabilities, and our strong understanding of maritime regulatory requirements. We have licensing and representation agreements with the very best companies in the marine fire suppression industry. The fire suppression solutions we provide include:

Marioff HI-FOG® Water Mist —

More than 2,000 vessels worldwide are equipped with Marioff HI-FOG systems in their machinery spaces, accommodations, roll on roll-off (ro- ro) decks, deep fat fryers and ducts, and balconies.   Not only does HI-FOG meet IMO requirements for fire suppression at sea, it has also been proven to keep damage to a minimum. Its low water usage, compact, high-quality components, and low system weight make HI-FOG a desirable option on many ships. Trident is the sole distributor of HI-FOG solutions for US Navy and US Coast Guard applications.

Stat-X Aerosol —

Trident is at the forefront of applying aerosol fire suppression technology to US Navy specific applications. Aerosol is a relatively new technology now being used in many demanding land and marine environments. Highly effective and environmentally friendly, aerosol systems offer simple, economic installation, and a long service life. Compact design makes Stat-X aerosol a good solution when space and weight allocations are critical.


Trident provides an aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) pump skid specifically designed for US Coast Guard cutter applications, delivering U.S. Mil Spec performance at commercial pricing. AFFF is used to extinguish fires involving flammable liquids, gases, grease and other petroleum-based products and similar materials. AFFF can be used for firefighting in fresh or salt water environments, and works by blocking oxygen supply to the fuel. The water content of the foam solution also produces a cooling effect.

Why Multiple Solutions?

Ships have many different configurations and missions, from purely commercial to warships. However, they all share the risk of fire onboard. By providing a wide range of technologies, Trident can design the system that is appropriate for your ship, whether newbuild or retrofit.