Trident has a strong track record of success with navies and coast guards.

On Time, On Budget. Always.

Trident Maritime Systems has enjoyed long co-contractor relationships with shipbuilders serving the military. In fact, we have provided installation or materials on every major new subcontracted U.S. Navy surface ship program for the last 30 years and have a strong track record of successful projects for U.K. Royal Navy programs, the Canadian Royal Navy, and Coast Guard organizations in different countries.

Research & Development
Focus Improvement and Value

Over time, our thorough understanding of military shipbuilding requirements has inspired us to engineer and develop radically different, value-driven innovations that have changed the nature of naval ship outfitting. For example, our latest breakthroughs include unique construction techniques that dramatically reduce building cost and schedule time for shipyards.

Using finite element analysis, we have also developed modular construction techniques, integrated designs and creative applications that not only reduce material cost, but also installation hours. To the delight of our co-contractor and the U.S. Navy, we recently — and significantly — decreased the weight of a cargo reefer using new materials and techniques.
Our value-driven innovations have changed the nature of naval ship outfitting.

We are a leading provider of services to the U.K. Royal Navy.
For the first time in history, we built and sold a complete operational galley on block. Simultaneously we installed the first modular cabins on a U.S. military sealift command (MSC) ship.

In the United Kingdom, we are a leading provider of insulation, architectural outfitting, site and repair services to the Royal Navy. In addition, we are regularly engaged as electrical advisors for newbuild projects for the Swedish Coast Guard.

Supplier for All Vessel Platforms

Trident has worked on either the joiner or the furniture package for every major U.S. Navy shipbuilding program in the last three decades. We are also actively involved with work for the U.K. Royal Navy. Our military programs include:

Aircraft Carrier
Expeditionary Sea Base
Joint Support Ship
Littoral Combat Ship
Landing Craft Utility
Landing Helicopter Assault
Landing Platform Dock
Hospital Ships
Offshore Patrol Cutter
Polar Security Cutter
Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier
Dry Cargo/Ammunition Ship
Replenishment Oiler Ship
Our expertise and proficiency enhance every job.

Testing, Research and Development

Trident provides a range of shock and performance testing services.
Trident’s shock-testing laboratory is NAVSEA approved and performs testing on a medium-weight shock testing machine. We also provide consulting expertise to ensure compliance of all items for shipboard installation on military, cruise, energy and commercial vessels. (Learn more)

Leading Manufacturer of Marine Furniture

Combining 70 years of marine furniture manufacturing expertise with state-of-the-art engineering and equipment, our furniture division is the only supplier capable of providing the bow-to-stern furniture package for all military ships. A library of thousands of engineering folios places us far ahead of any competitor. Our durable, attractive and comfortable furniture exceeds all Navy performance specifications. (Learn more)
Trident is the only supplier qualified to provide the entire military furniture package for U.S. Navy ships.

Navy Repair Specialist for 30 Years

Trident is a trusted resource for turnkey conversion, modernization and repair.
Trident is a trusted resource for turnkey ship conversion, modernization and repair services. Our diverse repair capabilities include sheet metal, certified welding, structural, piping and electrical work, plus paint, decking and insulation services. We have performed work on all classes of surface ships and submarines over the decades.